Purchasing & Expense Management Solutions
for Accommodation, Meetings & Events


In our experience, most new public sector client buying professionals faced several key challenges when working with their previous agencies.  They highlight a lack of transparency, the need for meaningful Management Information and a lack of accountability for cost reduction. 

BSI's specialist accommodation and meetings technology and services can be easily integrated with clients' existing Travel Management Company (TMC) to provide a cost effective and seamless solution.  We have a proven track record as the recognised answer to these common challenges and more:

"We felt confident that BSI would not only reduce the time and cost of bookings for accommodation and meetings through negotiations, considerable cost avoidance and streamlined technical offering, but also deliver significant back-end, payment process efficiencies through the delivery of integration with Zanzibar" Contract Delivery Manager, CPS
"To bring about such an event within one week of being asked to help is really impressive" Communications Officer, The Home Office
“TMCs are often seen as a ‘one-stop-shop’ but E.on recognised the benefits of using a specialist. We were impressed by the sustainable cost reduction and savings that BSI’s service is able to offer, but the ‘can do’ attitude of the people at every level and the transparency and honesty of the company as a whole really made BSI stand out from their peers.” UK Travel Manager, E.on