Purchasing & Expense Management Solutions
for Accommodation, Meetings & Events

Billback Management Programme

BSI has significant long-term experience of providing hotel accommodation, serviced apartment, conference and event billback services to its Public Sector and corporate clients.

  • Our standard billback service comprises the following:
  • Terms, conditions and scope of service are agreed with client and encompassed within a Billback Agreement signed by both parties before the service commences

  • All invoices are validated on receipt by BSI to original booking details and client T & E policy. Incorrect invoices are rejected back to hotel

  • Valid supplier invoices are invoiced to client within a consolidated BSI billback invoice

  • Full supporting invoice analysis and management information is provided at guest / cost centre level via a customised ‘accommodation listing’

  • The billback invoice and accommodation listing are supplied in electronic formats, including files for direct upload into accounting packages

  • The benefits of this service to our clients include:
  1. Policing of hotel spend against client T & E policy – targeted cost control
  2. Effective mandating of all hotel spend via this controlled process
  3. Full detailed MI on total hotel spend
  4. Paper-free invoice processing for client – a significantly reduced administrative burden
  5. All hotel settlement processes and issues managed by BSI