Purchasing & Expense Management Solutions
for Accommodation, Meetings & Events


BSI recognises that a key factor in any successful business relationship is getting off to a good start. For us this starts with our implementation process that follows a controlled programme of detailed actions with roles and responsibilities clearly defined. Client involvement and internal communication is a crucial factor and BSI strongly recommends Stakeholder presence during the whole process.

A typical Implementation programme will take between 6 to 8 weeks but can be varied depending on the complexity.

Throughout the implementation project, BSI’s Account Manager & Implementation Manager will implement a stakeholder engagement programme encompassing:

  • Promotional campaign encompassing:
    • Teaser email campaign to bookers, travellers & meeting/event planners promoting the new service;
    • Posters placed in public areas within customer organisation;
    • Flyers distributed via desk-drop in partnership with customer;
    • Invitational emails distributed via BSI’s Intelligent Delegate Management software promoting forums and seminars and enabling invitees to register for specific days/sessions
  • Presentations to key business units and customer stakeholders;
  • Road shows at customer sites promoting and marketing the booking service;
  • Development of a bespoke extranet documenting booking procedures, policy definitions, key contacts, new services, and a hyperlink to online self-booking technology;
  • Development and distribution of marketing collateral promoting the booking service;
  • Training & awareness programme with seminars, workshops and web casts focusing on booking processes, cost reduction & avoidance, online adoption and reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Booker and traveller forums.